Empower your CAREER with effective Public Speaking skills

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The ability to communicate your ideas confidently is key to your professional success. Our presentation experts make it easy for you to identify and capitalize on your strengths, overcome distracting habits, and transform your presentation skills.

Move Your Audience to Action

Strike the right physical presence and deliver your message with conviction.

Great Results!

Whether you are preparing for an important interview, or the featured speaker at an upcoming conference, our coaches will help you transform your presentation skills.

Working with coach Eileen at Ease-of-Speech has been a real pleasure - she is gifted at connecting with people and putting them at ease. Over a two month period, she developed my growth areas: presence, engagement, delivery, body language, and storytelling. As a Management Consultant, these skills are invaluable (the secret sauce to success), and under her guidance, I honed mine. If you're looking to level-up your career, Eileen could be your golden ticket. - A. Lazarus (Management Consultant)


For any business professional looking for help in public speaking, I would highly recommend Suzanne Nasser and her staff at Ease-of-Speech. I have worked with their group for over a month now, and have noticed a dramatic difference in my confidence level and my ability to be more persuasive in my delivery. If you can challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone and be willing to learn and apply the techniques that Ease-of-Speech teaches, you will see a dramatic difference in your presentations. From critical listening skills, to formulating well-reasoned responses to taking well-supported positions, Ease-of-Speech's business training teaches valuable real-world communication techniques. I will continue to work with Ease-of-Speech as I further sharpen my public speaking skills and advance my career. - J. Silvas (VP & Resident Director, Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch)

Ease-of-Speech provides phenomenal business training to help executives provide energetic, credible presentations! After just a few sessions, my use of visual aids, and the art of executive storytelling to increase audience engagement and retention has significantly improved. The rigorous practice sessions on real world presentation scenarios has been incredibly valuable! My confidence has increased dramatically and so has the value-add to my firm and the teams that I lead. - L. Albritten (Associate Market Executive)


I have been working with Ease-of-Speech for the past three months and have seen great advancements in my body language, communicating impactful messages and my confidence.  The techniques that I have learned have helped me in one-on-one meetings and when speaking to groups of 100.  Thank you Ease-of-Speech!  - A. Meads (VP Wealth Management, Merrill Lynch)