Meet Our Team


Suzanne Nasser
Founder & Director

Suzanne Nasser is the Founder and Director of Ease-of-Speech, and DFW Speech & Debate (well-known for excellence in critical-thinking and communications training nationwide). Suzanne has been coaching for over 10 years, and has trained many corporate clients and national speech and debate champions, helping them to excel in the workplace and in competition. She has authored curriculum that is used for training Fortune 100 clients, as well as resources for debate competitors nationwide. Suzanne's corporate background combined with her speech/debate expertise, has enabled her to provide a unique blend of critical-thinking and public-speaking training for business professionals.

Eileen Elledge
Communications Coach

Eileen Elledge has coached hundreds of clients both nationally and internationally for 14 years. She has done radio and television voice-over work for 20+ years for various grocery stores, TV stations, financial service firms, pharmaceutical companies, and car dealerships. She has coached motivational speakers, conference speakers, fundraising leaders and father's-of-the-bride for wedding speeches. Whether you are a mumbling, stuttering beginner or a seasoned professional, you have a message, and Eileen will help you to communicate it effectively. She enjoys helping clients develop enunciation, projection, acceptable humor, and create a genuine connection with their audience.

Samantha Nasser
Communications Coach

Samantha Nasser is an accomplished communications coach and sales dynamo based in New York. She has instructed and coached hundreds of clients for 8 years, both in a professional context and in the classroom. Samantha is a collegiate debate champion and published author. Since joining the professional world, she has applied her public-speaking and critical-thinking expertise to empower and train sales teams in everything from written and oral communication to negotiation. She did this while ranking among the highest billers in a sales organization of 400+ people. As one of the most seasoned coaches in the business, she enjoys helping professionals to advance their careers by overcoming their fears and increasing their influence in the workplace!

James Russell
Communications Coach

James Russell is a gifted coach and instructor. He has trained hundreds of clients for 4 years, helping them to sharpen their public-speaking and critical-thinking skills. James was a national speech and debate competitor, winning multiple awards during his years of competition including 4th place in Impromptu speaking in the nation. James enjoys working with business professionals, helping them to capitalize on their strengths to develop their own unique style, and increase their influence in the workplace. Whether you struggle with stage fright, confidence in articulating your ideas, or crafting messages that matter, James will work with you to overcome obstacles and increase your effectiveness when relating to others!